Airline Partner Group or APG, as it is better known in the travel industry, has been represented by Mack Air since 2004. APG presents agents & passengers based in Sri Lanka with a unique bouquet of services that allows both parties access to carry out ticketing on numerous airlines which are currently not represented in Sri Lanka. This involves one-way, return, and sector tickets to numerous routes worldwide. As the local representative of APG in the Sri Lankan market Mack Air supports both agents and passengers with sales & reservation functions concerning travel queries originating out of Sri Lanka.

APG Airlines is a French airline headquartered in Toulouse and was established in September 2015. It is owned by the APG Group, which specializes in various airline distribution solutions, such as interline e-ticketing, fare filing, and BSP support services. Alternative Airlines offers bookings for over 200 airlines associated with APG, including Amelia Airlines, Vipper, Jordan Aviation, and Albastar.

The primary goal of the APG Network is to help airlines generate enhanced revenue in their secondary markets by providing representation services globally. To ensure professional competence and optimum sales coverage, the organization appoints a single member to carry out representation of all participating network airlines in each locality. This reduces overall distribution costs for individual airlines. With 105 members and service providers covering 163 countries and servicing 240 airlines worldwide, APG Global Associates is the world-leading network for airline services. Their experts use a variety of distribution products, such as GSSA services, IBCS, and IET distribution, to provide dedicated airline services.